Beaches Energy

The Beaches Energy Tidings Newsletter is a monthly publication distributed in print to more than 27,000 customers and emailed to more than 11,899 customers. Its easy-to-read format, colorful branded artwork and content provide informative updates and news to more than 35,000 customers across Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach.

Late last year, we set out to reimagine the Tidings Newsletter and how to make monthly articles, visuals and diagrams on energy-saving resources, seasonal news, special needs programs, natural gas safety, infrastructure improvements and contests more appealing – and ultimately more impactful.

The 2018 series placed special emphasis on readability and capturing interest – using bright designs, infographics and imagery to engage customers. We developed 12 unique watercolor covers that weave together elements of the Beaches community. We also captured bold new photography of actual Beaches Energy lineman, which helps give a face to the utility.


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