Brewed in
Jacksonville since

When we heard that Brian and Susan Miller were starting a brewery not far from our office, that was all that we needed. Shepherd's beer scouts tracked the owners down, tried the beer, loved the beer and started crafting names and tap designs right there on the spot. One of Jacksonville's most well-known beer brands, we created the brand identity and have since designed the cans, taps, bottles and carriers, taproom graphics, merchandise and more for their top four brands: Duke's, Killer Whale Cream Ale, Mad Manatee and 1901. Our work has picked up awards and recognition from The Dieline, CommArts and Archive Magazine, who included the Killer Whale packaging in their Top 200 book.

Most recently, we designed the brewery's two new spring and summer seasonal beers: Vernon's Pils and Big John's Apricot Wheat.