Vets First Choice

Vets First Choice

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Back in our day, we didn’t have no fancy Interweb or “smart” phones to go shopping with. If your dog had fleas and you needed flea medicine, you didn’t go to Google or traipse through the Amazon. You went to the veterinarian and paid a bunch of money for whatever product she told you to pay a bunch of money for. It was expensive, it was inconvenient, but it was simple, and we liked it that way! You kids today with your e this and i that…

(Excuse us while we wrestle the mouse away from Gramps…)

When it comes to veterinary care, the times aren’t a changing – they’ve changed. Today, pet owners flock to the Internet to get everything from the flea and tick control they prefer to pharmaceuticals and compounded meds they’ve been prescribed. For the veterinarian, this is a double-edged sword – on the one hand, their patients are getting the care they prescribe, but, on the other, the vet is losing revenue from pet owners filling those prescriptions elsewhere.

Vets First Choice is helping veterinarians get the best of both worlds by adding web-based pharmacies of their own to their practice websites. The vet controls what products go in the online pharmacy, and the pricing. It’s a simple, proven way for veterinarians to turn the tables on the online pharmacies and big box retailers that have been luring their customers away for years.

To help spread the word about Vets First Choice and how it could solve a major pain point in the veterinarian’s practice, we took their story to the major veterinary conferences.

While everyone was used to seeing cats and dogs, we promoted a series of special seminars featuring key opinion leaders with…an elephant. The curveball image was the perfect metaphor for veterinarians fighting off extinction-by-poachers, which we used in ads, direct mail, and room drops the night before the early morning session. The trade press took note, and so did the audiences – we had standing room only crowds each time.

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